Gunite Swimming Pool Construction

With over 40 years of experience of gunite swimming pool construction, Stone Edge Design is among the most respected companies in the industry.

The gunite pool construction process

Installing a new gunite swimming pool is a big decision, and we believe that preparing you for the process ahead of time is an important step. Our pool builders will walk you through the different phases of the project. It is exciting to watch all the aspects of the pool construction come together. Here is an overview of the process to get you started:

Layout Design

The construction process begins with your idea for the pool. From there, our team will work closely with you to create the final designs. The outer perimeter of the pool will be laid out with stakes and string on location.


Once the designs have been finalized and the site is prepped, we can begin the excavation process. The land will be dug to allow for the full shell to be constructed.


Forming the Pool

Once the excavation process is complete, we being forming the pool. The perimeter and any any sections of the pool built out of the ground are framed with wooden forms. This perimeter and the natural dirt will become the form for the concrete.

We then prepare a crush-stone sub-base and start laying the pipes for the plumbing. This sub-base will keep the pool shell from settling. Plumbing consists of Schedule 40 PVC pipes and fittings for all the skimmers, main drain, returns as well as any other features specific to your pool. All connections are permanently secured with PVC cement. Once the plumbing is ready, it is tested to 10psi to insure against any leaks.

A No.4 Bar 12″ O.C.E.W. is used as a reinforcement for the form. The combination of steel and concrete minimizes the weakness of each material while taking advantage of the compression of concrete and the tension of steel.

Concrete floor and Gunite application


The pool floor is 6″ of poured concrete. Once this base is down, the walls, steps and all custom features are constructed with Gunite.

The Gunite is a mixture of sand and cement and it is applied through a shotcrete machine. The machine produces a high spray output which can quickly cover large sections of the pool. Our certified nozzlemen will apply 6″ of Gunite around the steel reinforcement grid, creating an extremely durable and long lasting shell.

Tile, Coping and Decking


A 6 inch band of tile is then installed around the top of the perimeter of the pool. We will work with you to decide on the style of tile that best fits your pool and design. Any additional tile work (such as accents on steps) will also be installed as well.

Depending on the design, coping may also be installed at this point. We offer several different styles of decking and coping such as pre-cast concrete, stone or cantilever decking.


Tile and Coping

The final step of the process is to apply a thick layer of plaster to the pool. The plaster is hand troweled to a smooth surface. The plaster can be applied in a variety of colors.

Fill pool and swim!

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Now you are ready to fill your swimming pool and get ready to take a dip! It is important to respect the water chemistry in the pool (especially at the beginning) to protect the plaster while it cures.

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